Introduction to Google Analytics

By Sean Chen, Sept. 20, 2021


People usually purchase products or service in stages. That is what the model, purchase funnel illustrates. We can basically summarize the staged process as below:


a user is aware of the existence of the goods and expresses an interest


users engage with your business


a user turns to a customer and purchases goods

This process is hard to measure before. However, in the online world, digital analytics can! And Google Analytics is the most widely used web analytics service.

By adding a small piece of JavaScript tracking code to your website, it'll collect anonymous information about how a user interacted with the page. Every time the user visits the page, it collects not only behavior data but also information from the user himself (e.g. gender, age and country) and the browser (e.g. language and type).

After the tracking code collecting data, it sends the information to Google Analytics. And Analytics processes the information into reports based on the user's device or how the user get to visit the page or other particular behavior. With the report, you can better understand your customers and improve your business.

Solution — how can we do more for you?

Having less or no time to read the complete but actually a bit complicated reports from Google Analytics? And without planning to understand how it works? We help you to automatically generate human readable, dynamic, customized, and immediate-updating reports from Google Analytics. You can get a complete understanding of your customers within the shortest time.

Technical Details

Google Analytics provides a flexible environment, and can collect data from both client side and server side. It can easily be applied to all your products. (e.g. Website, Android and iOS). It also provides the external API to enable enterprise to retrieve the data and reports collected by Google Analytics to create custom business dashboard.



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