"Simple, intuitive video control of TV wall via the App on any mobile device"

Turn any mobile device or tablet to a demo room remote control. Users can easily scan the QR code on the TV screen to complete the pairing, and control the content displayed on the TV wall according to different occasions.


How to control the TV wall in the exhibition hall remotely?

In a product showroom with a screen wall, it is often necessary to display different introduction videos to attract the attention of customers or guests. However, video playback on a video wall usually requires a laptop computer to be turned on (or woken up), and then manually selected to be presented on screens. If you need to show clips from other videos, you have to rush back to your laptop, find the corresponding video, and then fast-forward to the desired section... How can we make it more convenient?


Intel Taiwan

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, established in 1968. Intel is the world's largest supplier of PC components and CPUs, and a core leader in computing technology. The Taipei office is located in Nangang.


Phones and tablets can also be TV remote controls!

  • Scan the QR code on your TV wall screen to complete the pairing
  • Responsive to all sizes of tablets and mobile devices
  • Switch playback by entering the video number and confirmation
  • Control video execution: cancel, pause, previous/next, fast forward, and rewind


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Deliver an impression of professionalism and elegance

Appar uses the Cordova framework to develop cross-platform, lightweight applications. The application is developed through pure web-based tech, hence it can be deployed to all kinds of desktops and mobile devices. It allows users to quickly adopt the intuitive interface and universal experience. Employees can focus on explaining the products to customers, giving them an impression of professionalism and elegance.


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