"Now, your gaming device can be your best gaming ally with a dazzling light."

You can easily set up your mouse, keyboard, headset, and more with a technologically advanced interface. Several custom parameters can be used to create an optimal gaming experience based on the user's behavior and game circumstances.


Is there a way to increase personal parameters and switches for gaming peripherals?

Depending on your preferences, gaming mice can be customized with synchronized lights, customizable brightness, etc. Not only the mouse, but also headphones and keyboards can be personalized.

However, these custom parameter values can only be accessed by a limited number of groups in the device. This is insufficient to meet the needs of multiple possible usage scenarios. Is it possible to store groups of customized parameters so players can easily switch between them?


ASUS - Republic of Gamers (ROG)

Republic of Gamers (ROG) is a brand new gamer brand created by ASUS Computer in 2006, aiming to provide the best gaming experience and full integration of peripherals.


Software can store and expand more sets of equipment parameters

  • Mouse device: stores various parameters in xml files, such as: button behavior, speed, illumination, surface tuning calibration, etc.
  • Keyboard device: stores various parameters in xml files, such as: illumination
  • Headphone devices (including: Fusion700, Fusion 500, Fusion 300 & PNK, Fusion Wireless, H5/H7, H7 Wireless): set and save each parameter xml file, such as: lighting effects
  • To store personal settings, expand the number of groups in the software
  • Add, switch, or read each set of settings in sync with previewing the device
  • Reset all parameters in one step
  • Duplicate existing settings
  • Exporting parameter settings
  • Importing parameter settings


#Desktop Application Development
#Front-end Development


The parameter sets, which are expanded and stored, enable me to handle a wide variety of situations!

Appar Technologies uses JavaScript to create UWP (Universal Windows Platform) applications for Windows. The application allows users to record and access xml files of parameter values, so memory slots are not a limit, and more personalized parameter sets can be added.

The choice is yours. Whether during the day or at night, playing MOBA (multiplayer online arena) games or playing FPS (first person shooter) games, e-sports players can have an exclusive gaming experience, bringing a more immersive and entertaining ambiance.


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