Project Management System

By Sean Chen, Sept. 20, 2021


"Are we on track?” Customer asked.

Project management software is a specialized tool for improving team productivity. It could vary depending on team sizes or deliverables. The tool help employees, product owners or small business owners track the progresses of tasks and have clear vision on the overall project status. Solid project management practices secure project investment and lower the risks on falling. On improving the project management efficiency, Appar conceptualize the process of project management into three phases: Status -> Prediction -> Actions.


Track the current process of from bugs, features, user stories to multiple project status. The status phase is the idea of keep collecting data on how team members working on each tasks. And merging the data collection process into members’ day-to-day workflow seamlessly.


After the collecting process of tasks and projects. The data can be processed into prediction. The predictions are mostly either time-wise or budget-wise, which are the major risks related to that project manager aiming to control. The predictions can be generated automatically by inserting the customized plugin logic into the current management system. It’s the key of relieving the manager attention on project controlling to things that are more dynamic and human oriented tasks. Also it increases the precision of the outcomes and standardize the predicting processes.


The actions is everything the project management system that designed to inspired. For example, expanding the development team or raising the project budget. All these actions are derived by statuses and predictions. The actions are mostly decided by manager also the system can be integrated with preset business logic or even artificial intelligence to provide recommendations of next best actions.

The raise of AI-assisting project management

Using project management software to track project status have been utilized on companies and organizations for decades. Still, most of the current management system are still stay in the first phase — status, which hold the data and knowledge of the projects but with no use of it. Now, with AI-powered analytics, tools can detect slow down of project progress or unexpected behaviors happening on team works. And using chatbot to remind routine events or productivity drop. With these applied intelligence, managers can start putting their effort on more creative problem solving.

How can the system help to manage?

  • Manage multiple projects
  • Project information all in one place
  1. Files
  2. Wiki
  3. Forum
  • Track all information of a project
  1. Permissions management
  2. Issues tracking, flexible and easy to use
  3. Time logging, see how much time been used on the project
  4. Schedule planning, with built-in Gantt chart, it visualizes all the task duration
  5. Team collaboration

Appar helps and train your team to integrate and deploy your existing business workflow to various most widely used project management system like Redmine, Jira and Basecamp.



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