What's new on Android 12?

By Appar Insight, Oct. 26, 2021


Without a doubt, Android is the most used mobile operating system for so many well-known reasons. Google has recently released the Android 12 Beta 5 that has hit the shock waves across the globe.

Google has given a new OS and with this users can access so many features. Let's have a look at what’s new on Android 12.

1. It would simply be called Android 12

To many who loved the food names of Android versions, there is a slight change this time. The new Android 12 is not going to be called Snow Cone. It would simply be Android 12.

2. Android 12 visual overhaul and color correction

Get ready for the major change. Google has confirmed that with Android 12, users would get a totally improved experience. The new version is going to get a complete overhaul with advanced color correction.

Google is going to introduce a new design language with the launch of the Android 12. This language is named as Material You. To build a mobile app for Android 12, developers would need to adjust with this new color iteration.

The Android 12 is going to use a color elevation pattern that will lift the color quality as well as sharpness of your designs. The whole color pattern scheme would change with this overhaul depending on the color of your background.

3. Android 12 quick tiles

In the earlier versions of Android, users are used to seeing round tiles whenever they scroll the notification panel down. Well, in the new Android 12 these icons are going to change. The round notification tiles will get a fresh makeover and they are being turned into rectangular ones.

The functionality of these tiles is exactly the same and a tap on the screen is going to make them on and off. The rectangles have round edges that make them look appealing and sharp.

Also, with the increase in the size of the tiles, there would be fewer tiles to see with the full pull down. This is being done to ease the user experience and reduce the clutter. The color of the tiles can be changed and different themes can be introduced.

4. Android 12 Privacy and security improvements

With the new Android 12, users are going to get advanced security features as well as definite security improvements. The security improvements include more transparent data sharing with other apps. Here the security of the user is being improved.

In order to build a mobile app for the new Android 12, developers should take cognizance of the new security improvements. The new security arrangements ask for user permission when sharing data with the apps.

With Android 12, users get a security dashboard. The dashboard allows them to know how apps access the user data. The improved security for the users is a great feature that would really help them in secure communications.

5. Scrolling screenshot support

There was a rumor going around about this scrolling screenshot support and guess what, it's finally here in the Android 12. With this feature, you are able to capture larger screenshots that would span the length of the page.

The larger image can not only be captured but it can also be scrolled up and down. This makes screenshots handy for the users. The user experience improves a big deal due to the inclusion of this feature in the Android 12.

6. Improvements in the notifications

The notification system of the Android is being revamped with the coming of the Android 12. The old notification system needed a new look and Android 12 delivers exactly the same. The improvement is focused on aesthetics, usability and functionality.

The notification improvements will amplify the aesthetics, improve the usability and maximize the functionality. The improvements would also freshen up the face of the new Android 12 that would certainly create an appeal even among the users of other operating systems.

7. On-device search improvements

The on-device search is also getting a revamp in Android 12. A more powerful searching feature is being introduced in the new version of the android. In the new Android 12, App Search is being launched. App Search would function as an on-device search engine.

The on-device search engine is going to make life easy for many of the android users. For example, if you want to search for your favorite song, you can just type the name in the App Search and it will show up.

8. Improvements in the wifi

In Android 11, whenever you wanted to share the wifi, you needed to scan the barcode. Not anymore. In Android 12, the sharing of wifi has been made easy. In the settings, you can tap the “Nearby” button and share your wifi easily with anyone.

Although scanning the QR code was easy, you needed to hand over your phone to other people. And in the times of coronavirus, a physical touch seems to be the least favored option. Hence, the improvements are a cleaner option to share wifi without anyone physically touching your phone.

9. Single hand use

The one hand use feature of Android 12 works exactly the same as iOS does. You grab the phone in your dominant hand and with just a click of your thumb, you can easily access the entire screen of your phone.

The layout of the screen and the features are made accessible to be used by one hand. It is a very comforting change for many people who like to operate their phone with one hand only.



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