Web Vue.js Front End Developer

Taipei, Taiwan / 🌳 Remote

Job Skills

Got these skills? You might be our team's missing puzzle!

  • HTML 5
  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • RESTful web services
  • Object-oriented software development
  • Vue.js
  • Nodejs development experience

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[ Job Skills ]
Server Website Management and Maintenance
System Architecture Planning
System Integration Analysis
Software Engineering System Development
Software Programming
Network Programming

Job Description

A Day in the Life of a Web Vue.js Front End Developer

As a front-end developer, you'll be responsible for crafting front-end programs (mobile applications or websites) using Javascript.

You'll cooperate with project managers, designers, and other developers in the team to overcome challenges in the software or development process. To shine as a developer in the team, you'll also need to understand back-end operations, software architecture, and even get your hands dirty implementing back-end features.

In the constantly innovating software industry where everyone strives for novelty, you'll need to keep learning new skills and face various software challenges, so that the team can grow together.


Here, benefits are your work's secret sauce!

In addition to basic labor insurance and health insurance, we strive for a friendly working environment:

✨ Work Time Friendly
1. Flexible work hours
2. Can apply for remote work

✨ Equipment Weight Friendly
1. Choose between company-provided Mac M1 computers or BYOD

✨ Sciatica Friendly
1. Standing desks for all staff, comfortable whether sitting or standing

✨ Calorie-Friendly
1. Snacks from around the world, as long as you can buy it online, we have it in the office!

✨ Growth Driven Friendly
1. More learning resources to improve yourself: O'Reilly textbooks, no problem! Online courses, no problem!
2. Certification subsidy: Small to large certification exams, registration fee subsidies

✨ Wallet-Friendly
1. Project acceptance bonus
2. Year-end bonus
3. Holiday gift boxes
4. Performance bonuses

Application Instructions

Appar is thrilled to welcome you on board!

We look forward to having you, a talented individual, join our Appar family.
We need you to prepare the following materials:

  1. Resume (Include related experience)
  2. Portfolio (e.g., URL, files etc.)

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