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Professional property management operations incorporate modern technology in every service process to create greater efficiency for owners and provide a more comfortable living environment for their clients.

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Specialized property management operation solutions

In the property management market, effective management is the key to success. Appar Tech are committed to providing best-in-class digital property management services to maximize the value of your property. We help create the best digital management processes, quality services and innovative technology solutions to ensure your property remains a leader in the competitive market. Combined with our software development expertise, every property owner can enjoy a worry-free investment lifestyle by systematizing the management of their property with peace of mind. Leveraging on owners' expertise in property management, investment analysis, market research, rental management and other areas, we work with you to create the most efficient digital management system to enhance the value and return of your property.

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Achieving excellence in property management through digital AI

For owners and property managers
Save time and energy

Through the application of digital technology, property management can effectively enhance operational efficiency. To systematized summarization of the past repetitive operation process, let the technology to assist your management and reduce the related paper management information.

Improvement of communication efficiency

With the convenient instant messaging platform built into the system, all owners, managers and repairers can communicate quickly to solve problems.

Precise control of capital flow and object status.

The system provides detailed financial reports, allowing you to check your income and expenditure at any time, as well as checking the current contract term and rental status of the object instantly, allowing you to make better management decisions.

For renters / tenants
Handle maintenance needs immediately

The system allows renters to report any problems that need repairing directly and provides progress tracking so they know when the problem will be resolved.

Check for announcements anytime

The latest news and important announcements are immediately updated in the system so that renters can be the first to know.

Online Reservation of Public Facilities

Renters can conveniently make reservations online for common facilities such as the gym and meeting rooms, avoiding problems associated with conflicting usage.

functional planning

Cross-platform digital rental management System

Cross-platform digital rental management System
Tenants can create repair orders in the system through the App and upload photos. Owners and managers can view detailed progress and communication records to ensure issues are handled in a timely and effective manner.
Money flow connection - instant payment system
Renters can pay their rent or various management fees directly from their mobile phones, and owners and managers can receive instant notifications to confirm that payments have been made.
File Digitization
Contracts, certificates and related records can be digitally stored and backed up for easy search and use, so you no longer need to worry about losing or organizing documents.
Message notification
Any new announcements or news can be broadcasted through the platform, so that residents can keep track of the latest developments. At the same time, if a contract expires, a reminder can also be sent automatically through the system, so that the management staff can manage the status of the objects in an orderly manner.
Public Space Reservation System
Renters can book public facilities, such as meeting rooms or gyms, through the platform to avoid conflicts of use.

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