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To lead the real estate brokerage market, Appar Tech are committed to providing software development services that best meet your needs and integrate with your existing business logic and management processes to bring faster and more effective information transfer and connection for your business and customers.

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Innovative real estate brokerage solutions and services

In the fast-changing real estate market, the key to success is to keep abreast of the market dynamics and accurately match the needs of buyers and sellers. By utilizing advanced data analysis technology, Appar provide one-stop service to real estate dealers, from market trend forecasting, product positioning analysis to customer demand matching, we can provide professional solutions to ensure that you always maintain a competitive edge in the ever-changing real estate market and lead to the future.

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Digital technology AI enables new possibilities in real estate brokerage

For real estate agents
Market trend forecast

Analyze market data to provide insights on market trends and price changes in different regions to help industry players make wise investment and pricing decisions


Automated processing of a large number of backend operations to improve efficiency and reduce error rates

Provide customized customer service experience

From the analysis of home purchasing to the subsequent after-sales service, we are able to accurately meet the needs of our customers and increase customer satisfaction.

For real estate buyers
Virtual 3D Tour

Allow customers to take virtual tours through virtual reality technology, saving time and minimizing the need for site visits

Instant Support

Virtual Assistant and Automated Customer Service provide 24/7 instant support to answer customer questions and needs.

Increase Message Transparency

AI technology provides more transparent information to help customers better understand the real estate market and the transaction process.

functional planning

Real Estate Information Platform

Instant property updates, customized search
The management platform can instantly update the latest listing information to keep buyers updated with the market dynamics, and provide buyers with the ability to search on the platform according to their needs, such as location, price, or property type, to find the ideal property.
3D Live Tour
The platform offers a 3D live tour feature that allows buyers to conduct home tours on their mobile phones.
Online Calendar and Instant Messaging Module
Buyers and sellers can use the platform to match dates and times, as well as communicate directly with each other for preliminary information, improving the efficiency of the transaction.
AI Recommendation System
According to the buyer's history of browsing and searching, recommending the listings that best meet the needs of the buyer to increase the buyer's time spent on the website, and to increase the willingness to buy.
Financial Analysis Dashboard
Through the platform, sellers or companies can get detailed and comprehensive financial analysis reports, including transaction records of different lots, transaction amount.... etc. to help make better decisions.

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