Cloud-based inventory and sales management system

Deploy a cloud system for clear tracking of inventory, shipments, and after-sales, establishing standardized sales workflows.

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Smart Cloud Inventory / Sales Management System

When a business or brand establishes a strong customer market, continuous supply and demand satisfaction is key. Appar partners with suppliers to digitize every aspect of the sales process through a customized app. From barcode scanning for inventory checks to back-end goods distribution and smart customer service for immediate product inquiries, we provide tailored software development services based on your workflow to enhance retail service quality.

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The Benefits of Smart Cloud Inventory / Sales Management System

For sales vendors
End-to-End inventory management

From inventory to sales quantity, management, and delivery, all can be recorded and edited through the system.

Accurate sales forecasting

Precisely forecast demands and customer behavior to strategize stock and sales.

Competitive analysis and price optimization

Track competitors' prices and strategies, optimize product prices and competitive strategies, and improve market competitiveness.

For consumers
Personalized shopping experience

Provide personalized shopping suggestions to help customers save time and find the most suitable products.

Real-time support

Real-time, 24 / 7 support via virtual assistants and automated customer service.

Fast shopping process

Simplify shopping with automation technologies like one-click checkout and virtual aides.

functional planning

E-commerce website and inventory management system

Online shopping platform
Create an online platform for direct product sales to consumers, with search, shopping cart, online payment, order tracking, and customer reviews to boost confidence and purchases.
Inventory management
Automate inventory tracking and reordering with our smart inventory management system for improved efficiency and reduced costs.
Sales strategy optimization
Understand sales trends and strategize with our shopping cart system that tracks buying behaviors.
Create member discount promotions
Craft member promotions based on consumer purchase habits analyzed from data. Users can apply discounts at checkout via associated e-payment apps.
Electronic payment system
Offer multiple secure payment options, including credit cards and bank transfers, for a simple, instant, and efficient checkout experience.

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